Monday, October 16, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday Friends! 
It's been a rather quiet week here. Still a bit under the weather but have come to the conclusion it's mostly allergies and not a lot I can do about them but weather the storm. 
We've had a couple of good rains so  the grass is green again and the cracks in the ground are closing up. :) 
The flowerbeds are beyond hope though and it's time to clean them up and wait for next year. 
The sunflowers are hanging their heads and the birds have started eating the seeds. 
I'm still getting tomatoes, even if the plants are looking worn out...
I canned 6 more jars this week. Then picked some more Chili Peppers and sliced them open and set them in the oven to dry today.
There will probably be more peppers before we get out first frost. 
Mostly I've been knitting and crocheting gifts for Christmas.

I usually have several projects going at once ... I like to switch around so I don't get bored. 
For the required drink of the week it's...

I found it at Aldi's last fall and really like it. It's only available this time of year and is only $1.99 a bottle. I'm saving the bottles to reuse with my homemade liqueurs. :) 
So that's my week and here are a few 

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Monday, October 9, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday FRIENDS! 
Sorry I was absent again last week... I was dealing with a death in the family. One that was tragic and left us all shaken to the core. 
It just seems we can't get a break this year from illness and trauma. 
On the brighter side of life... Dad is doing great and has been dismissed from all of his visiting nurse and physical therapy.  
Tonight I'm drinking a hot herbal tea for sore throats. I can't decide if it's just sinus drainage or if I'm really coming down with something but the tea feels great. I added some ginger, honey and cayenne pepper to it for a bit of heat. 
 I'm still picking tomatoes in the garden , a pepper here and there and that's about it. There are still 2 watermelons out there but I doubt they will have time to get ripe before the first frost hits. I'm ready to put it all to bed for the winter. 
I did muster up enough energy today to plant the garlic for next summer. Didn't plant anywhere near the amount that I usually do. But we haven't been using it all so I decided to cut back. Now watch me rum out and have to buy some next year LOL! 
Today's Random Thoughts


Hoping to be back to normal next week ..
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

             Hello My Tuesday Friends!!!!
Sliding in at the last minute and hoping the computer stays functional long enough to finish. 
Pressed for time today so this will be short. 
 No art again this week.... although I did at least pull out a sheet of watercolor paper.
There it still sets waiting for inspiration. I have drank many cups of coffee since I set up the paper. 
 We picked the last of the big melons yesterday. 

There are a few small ones out there still but I doubt they get as big as the others this late in the season. You never know though. 
One of my cousins is supposed to be sending me a photo of one my uncle grew in the 90's that weighed in at 110 pounds. Same type of melon. If one of mine got that big we'd have to cut it up out in the garden to bring it in LOL!
 Also wanted to share photos of one of my new birdhouse residents.

It's a flying squirrel :) He's much smaller than the regular squirrels and it's rare to see them in the daylight. Mini is determined she is going to climb the tree to get him LOL! 
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Back for T Stands For Tuesday

I think I'm back... not really very sure. It's one of those times when life grabs you by the butt and whirls you around refusing to let go. 
Have been spending lot of time with my parents. 
Dad is doing much better and was even released from physical therapy this week. However, his twin brother has not been as lucky. He fell and hurt his back and when they did the x-rays they discovered that he has advanced lung cancer that has spread through out his organs and lymph system. Due to his other conditions treatment is not advisable and they have given him just a few months to live. 
So with permission and lots of advice of Dad's doctors my sister and I took him and my mom to Kentucky for 10 days. 
It was a long drive with having to stop every hour to let Dad walk around for 15 min. per doctors orders. 
Here is the "BOYS" on our first morning there. Having breakfast on the deck. 
Dad is on the right . They both wear glasses but Uncle Wilburn broke his and refuses to spend money on another pair. They are identical twins and up until the last few years you could not tell them apart if you didn't know them. 
Wilburn Coy Williams 
Wayburn Troy Williams 
I have no idea where the names came from as I have never heard them anywhere else. 
We also managed to have a small impromptu  reunion with the folks from Mom's side of the family. Fifty seven cousins showed up with only a 2 day notice. Mom was very happy and of course cried a lot. 
The garden season is almost over. It's been so dry here with no rain for over a month and everything is getting pretty crunchy. While I was gone Bob forgot to water the flower beds and the veggies. :(  So all of the annuals are pretty much gone and the perennials look pretty sad. 
I still have tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons in the veggie garden but the watermelons are the only ones that look good. 
They are delicious this year. This one weighed 20 pounds and the one we picked last night was 33 pounds. 

The one by the coffee cup is the BIG DADDY that came in at 33 pounds. There are a few more small ones out there but don't know if they will get ripe before it gets too cold. 
Same goes with the tomatoes. There are a whole lot of little green ones out there but we'll see if they make it to ripe . If not we'll have fried green tomatoes. :)
Still no art happening here. I have been working on crochet and knit Christmas gifts though.  I haven't knit in over 4o years so I'm a bit rusty with it . I finished the cowl I started and it took me a whole month to do it :- /
Now I'm working on a pair of finger-less gloves. Which are going much faster :) 

The gloves are for my daughter-in-law who works from home 2 days a week and complains about her hands being cold while on the computer. They keep their home rather on the cool side to keep the utility bill down. I'm hoping to get her a cowl knit with the same yarn too.
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Well that's about all for today . Hopefully I won't be missing so many weeks again. 
Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I know, I'm very late again . All day I've been telling myself to get in here and do this.... it didn't work :( 
My drink photo is a recycled one but thought it worked well for this post. 
It's Monarch Season again and I've been collecting eggs and a few caterpillars. I actually only have 3 cats . I'm only collecting on my milkweed this year and I'm trying very hard to find the eggs as soon as they are laid. Hoping to avoid some of the failures from Spring. 
I'm cleaning the eggs and all milkweed the cats eat with a 5% BLEACH  solution. Hopefully this will kill all of the virus and bacteria on the eggs and milkweed and we end up with HEALTHY MONARCHS! 
I found 6 eggs last week..
... and with in 3 days we had signs of cats....

... and the next day we had tiny little cats!

Now they are much bigger and eating away.

They are starting to develop their colors now and make bigger messes in their cage :( 
I didn't find any more eggs until yesterday and only found 2. 
Today I found 29 so someone was busy :) 
I hope we don't have too many of these big lay days. I don't want to have to run around the country looking for leaves to feed them all again.  However the milkweed is full grown now and much easier to find. I've also started collecting seed pods just as they start to open . Will be planting some and giving some away. I don't want to let them blow wild all over my yard so I gather the seed pods early.  
Not up to much of anything else these days. Just dragging "HANK" around the yard to water everything. We still haven't had any rain so it's getting dry again.  
No art just reading mostly. Still haven't recovered my energy levels from Dad's trip to the hospital. 
So that's it for now .
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Yes that last one is for me. 
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