Tuesday, April 18, 2017

T Stands for Tueday

Good morning my Tuesday FRIENDS!
This is a quick one today as I'm running later than normal and really must dash off to work soon. It's getting harder and harder to not resent the measly 12 hours a week I work. LOL! 
I finally finished the Monarch painting!!! 
Which is perfect timing because the Monarchs have returned 😊

One very busy lady laid hundreds of eggs on my tiny little newly sprouted milkweed plants.

I brought in one little leaf and it had 11 eggs on it. They have all hatched and we have 10 little caterpillars now. One died right away which happens often. Six of the 10 remaining are not looking healthy and will probably not make it. they are often hatched with a virus.

Every time I have to bring in a new leaf or partial leaf for feeding it has at least one new egg on it. So I'll keep replacing the ones I've lost sort of :) 
I've never had Spring eggs before. It's always been late summer or fall. I guess the word is out that the milkweed is here 😄
These little ones are super tiny when hatched. Here are a couple of photos for reference. 

So that's what's happening in my world this week ♥
Today's Random Thoughts...

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


my Tuesday FRIENDS! 
My how quickly this week has passed. It seems like I was super busy the whole time but for the life of me I can't figure out exactly what all I got done ... the perils of Spring and being outdoors as much as possible. 
I did start a new canvas  and only barely managed to get most of the background finished. I decided to try some swirls and drips this time and it takes so much longer to get finished  doing it this way. Having to wait until each little section is dry before starting the next . 
Here it is almost done....
Yes, there's that ever present cup of coffee again. Here is where it's at this point in time...trying to decide if it's done...
 ...and here's a close up of one of the swirl patterns.
Now I need to concentrate on what I'm going to paint and doodle on it  😉
As far as the garden goes I have the straw bales in place now and the conditioning stage has begun. 
I will be adding more bales later for the Sweet potatoes and squash too. Those will be bales I make myself. From grass clippings, leaves and left over straw from last year. 
The strawberries are up and growing like crazy already. 
It seems that I lost the bottom section of plants but it will fill back in real fast. 
The wintersown jugs and other containers are ready to transplant this week. 
At least the broccoli, carrots, cabbage, beets and brussel sprouts that were stared in Feb. are. The tomatoes and peppers won't be ready for a couple of weeks yet. About the same time that the straw bales will be ready for them 😊
The moon rising last night just at nightfall. This was with my phone and I meant to come back out with the real camera and take some good ones... but got distracted when I got inside and totally forgot 😖
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Monday, April 3, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday --- A walk in the garden... and other places.

Hello again my Tuesday Friends! 
It's wet and green in our world right now. Mother Nature has been trying hard to get us out of our official drought status 😊  
We've gotten approximately 4 inches of rain since last week and everything is turning GREEN, GREEN, GREEN! 
It has made it a bit difficult to  get any work done out there but we have managed a bit  .
I did get one of the new deep raised beds built.
It has well rotted logs in the bottom of it and will be filled with amended top soil for good drainage. We'll see how this experiment goes. It will be after the second year before I can really tell as the wood should have finished rotting by then. Lots of nitrogen was added to the rotten logs to speed with breakdown and to keep the end soils more balanced. 
Mini and I did a walk about  today between rain showers.. She loves to walk in the water 😊

By the end of the walk she looks like a drowned rat . LOL!
The fish pond is full of frogs...leaves too still but that will be another project for a sunny day. 

The apple trees are full of blooms ♥...
...the Redbuds are opening up and the woods are looking purple. 

The over flow creek is running wild and Blue Bells are blooming in the deep woods. 

This little section of the woods won't be cleared out completely ... it is where The ginseng garden will go this fall. It takes 7 years for the ginseng to  mature so it will be called the 
Practicing Patience Garden.
Still no potatoes planted... mud is not good to work in but I'm not complaining. We have gone from severe drought to moderate drought in one week. 
I did  finish the Garden Journal cover and here it is with my ever present cup of coffee.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again :) 
It's been a wet weekend here and I love it. We were so desperate for rain and we got a good amount of it. It's supposed to rain a couple of more times this week and things should really start growing around here. ♥
The first Asparagus tip showed up this morning :) 
I really wanted to plant potatoes this week but it's going to be too wet so it will have to be next week. I still have to pick up my straw bales too and get them started.  Always something to be done. 
I did finish the painting from last week and here she is with my cup of coffee. 
I'm happy with her. 
The only other art I've worked on since is the cover for my new Garden Journal. 
There are only a few pages left in the old one.

As you can see it has gotten rather thick over the last 2 years. I make little pockets to keep seed packets and photos in and also glue some of them to the pages so I don't forget what I planted and how well it did . 
This is how far I've gotten and I really don't know exactly what I'm going to go with it either. Just winging it.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and SPRING ♥

It's SPRING!!! 
Hello my Tuesday friends! 
I am extremely happy that Spring has finally arrived and the day was glorious too ♥♥♥♥
I spent a lot of time just setting in the grass and watching the bees on the Dandelions. 

Searching for new treasures in the flowerbeds and finding little jewels...

...The first tulip opening up to welcome Spring...

I worked on the garden beds .. pulling weeds and little getting them ready for planting. Also added another layer to the raised bed I'm building...

It's almost done..... and I started working on second one but forgot to take a photo of it. 
By then I had managed to get a bit over heated so I came inside and worked on my painting a bit. 
Here is where it was last week....
The coffee will have to do for this weeks drink too as I forgot to take that photo also :) 
Here is where I am right now with the painting...
I keep changing my mind on where she is going so hopefully I'll get it figured out in the next day or so. 
Thanks for all of the PRAYERS and well wishes for my father. He is home now and improving a little bit each day. He is still weak but much much better. 
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